Saturday, February 21, 2009

And So It Begins

I'm a work at home mom, with a full time job. The little one is ten months and about three weeks old.
So, why am I starting an online business? Well, we could use a little extra income, and I enjoy the creative time at my sewing machine.
This hippie at heart feels strongly about reducing and recycling. I like to alter thrift store dresses, turning them into skirts for myself. So my focus will be on using fabrics that have already served a purpose. It brings down the cost of supplies, but increases my time investment, first in finding the right fabrics and then puzzling together clothing or other items.
I've created my Etsy shop - I've been calling it eat-see, like ebay, but from an etsy video I've learned it rhymes with Betsy, who knew?
I have to figure a few things out yet, like California tax, licensing, clothing tags, shipping costs...
My first item is in progress. A sweet skirt made of linen blend fabrics. It will be tough to let it go. It has a wonderful blue floral fabric, plus a dark blue and periwinkle (my favorite colors). I intend to make skirts with drawstring waistbands, to maximize my target customer scope.
My style is... hippie fusion.

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