Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Step Forward...

Yesterday, baby and I went shopping at my favorite Salvation Army thrift store. I found a pillowcase that just screamed "skirt" at me. And some lovely wool sweaters that will make great longies...
Today, I finally settled down at the sewing machine, but I'd sew about half an inch and have to stop. A big mess of threads kept developing beneath my fabric. No worries, I'll just pull out my backup sewing machine. Pull it out, setup the foot controller that arrived in the mail last week. Read the directions to be sure I'm threading it right. Run some test stitches on the sample fabric that comes with the machine. Take out the needle, 'cause it looks rather large, I think it says 14 (How on earth do quilting grannies read the tiny writing in the round side of the needle??) put it back in because all is well. Make two stitches and, umm, the needle breaks.
I have been sewing for a little over 25 years. My memory ain't the greatest, but I'm pretty sure I've never broken a needle before. Time for some chocolate.
Projects started: 3
Projects completed: 0

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