Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sewing up a storm

Well it is Monday, my work day is over, but the little one is asleep on my lap.
I'm still glowing from the satisfaction of getting things done this weekend. I cleared out the gutters, trimmed the neighbor's branches that were touching our house, transplanted some naked ladies acquired through freecycle (not the best time to move bulbs, but when they are free you either take them or not). And, que drums, sewed. Yes, I sewed. I'm still impressed.
Actually, I feel really good. Somewhere along the line, I became one of those people who find release and artistic expression with the sewing machine. Who knew?
In the last two weeks I've made two tops for the little one (using these two tutorials peasant top and spring ruffle top). I made a skirt for myself, finished two mama pads, and got a skirt for etsy almost done.

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