Sunday, January 31, 2010

Patchwork Progress

patchwork skirt front view, view of me wearing ankle length skirt with three pocketsI started a patchwork skirt back before Thanksgiving with the intention of finishing before Christmas. The actual patchworking went smoothly. I had a nice rythmn going: match pieces, stitch, serge, top stitch, assembly line style. It takes a long time, but I loved it. Every free moment I was at the dining table (aka my sewing station).

A few patchy things I learned in the process:
  • keep seam allowence in mind when cutting the fabric, you probably don't want lots of really skinny patches
  • work assembly line style - for speed
  • don't plan out patchwork too much, the fabric has a mind of its own
  • you will use lots of thread, if your top thread color is important, be prepared with at least 3 spools
  • side view of my patchwork skirtas a firt time patchwork fabric, corduroy is very forgiving
  • corduroy is very thick, make sure your sewing machine can handle the layers you'll have to sew
  • patchworked panels are thick and heavy
  • don't give yourself too much waistline allowence, all that fabric will have to bunch around your waist
  • if you insert pockets in your panels, take the height of the waistband into consideration
  • if you insert pockets or other important features in your panels, remember to inset them enough, that it doesn't get chopped off in seam allowance
  • if you want vertical strips to connect panels, either: have horizontal patches in the strips, or make sure the panels are very a-line (very triangular), see second picture to understand why.

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