Sunday, February 21, 2010


Between rain showers this weekend, I got some gardening in. Oh happy day! I planted a combination dwarf asian pear tree, a nectarine tree and an orange tree. They join a combo apple tree planted a few weeks ago. I'm finally fulfilling my dreams for a fruit orchard... I've been making lists of what I want to grow since high school. There's more to go, but we're on our way!
We know we have some sort of critter in the back because these piles of dirt magically appear in the yard. I just smoosh them down and continue trudging through the yard. But while digging a hole for one of my trees I found this:

Out of fear for my trees and plants in my new plantar I purchased and have been spreading around this stuff to scare a variety of critters away. We'll see how effective it is. So poor little (cute I'm sure) critter found his/her tunnel closed off, which a handful of the go-away powder to make our sentiments clear.
Was it a bad idea to plant the tree right there anyway? We'll see. I'm not that fond of nectarines anyway.

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