Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gluten free scones

My dad is mostly Scottish, so I've a fascination of things Scottish. Shortbread and scones are part of that. My wee one is allergic to eggs (plus onions, leeks and cabbage) and we're avoiding a few other allergens (garlic, wheat/gluten, milk, peanuts, nuts) until we verify they are safe. So, I haven't had 'real' shortbread in a long time. But we found a box of delectable shortbread cookies in the gluten free section, so I'm satiated with those. Although, I'm working on finding a good GF/DF/EF shortbread recipe.
Then I ran into a recipe for scones...  I somehow missed trying a scone when last in Scotland. And I haven't been thrilled with the options at Starbucks, etc. So, I'm not exactly sure what they are supposed to taste like, but I liked what I made.
The recipe calls for cardamon, which I don't have. But cinnamon and dates worked well. Walnuts and chocolate chips are even better. It also called for arrowroot flour, I substituted tapioca starch flour.
My first batch disappeared so quickly I couldn't take a picture. This time I made a double batch and added the dates, nuts and chocolate combinations after dividing up the batter. I used the sugar on top to mark what's in them. The baby gets the plain nut-free ones.

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