Monday, October 4, 2010


My co-sleeping munchkin used the sidecar bed last night for the first time. The crib has been attached to the bed  for a long time, mostly collecting toys.  But for the first time she moved over there on her own and stayed for at least 8 hours. Sigh, talk about bitter sweet.
Perhaps that's why I went on a sugar frenzy this weekend... I whipped up:
  • chocolate chip and date cookies based on the Gluten-Free Gourmand's Scone recipe
  • experimented with orange coconut milk ice cream
  • attempted candy orange peels - not a success, I guess next time I'll have to actually pay attention to the sugar temps
  • chocolate coconut milk ice cream with double the maple syrup and 2 T arrowroot - super yum!
  • and to add something really good for me, started my first batch of fermented carrots.
Note the still solidifying homemade chocolate candy shell over the ice cream. Clearly I have a sugar issue. But oh my, that ice cream is wonderful. The munchkin can't have eggs (or wheat or a few other things) and the spouse can't have pasteurized dairy, so I've had to alter my ice creamaholicism to special brands that are rather pricey and don't help our budget... So, I am thrilled to find a handmade ice cream that is actually edible with little 'ole me as the ice cream maker. Coconut milk seems to be a natural ingredient in 'ice cream', since it is full of healthy fat and hardens creamily when put in the freezer.

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